Tatted Snowflake

After lots of trial and error my first tatted snowflake pattern is completed.

You can download it here. Pattern is diagram only.

Techniques needed:

  • Two shuttles
  • Onion rings
  • Loop tatted rings (LTR)
  • Floating rings
  • Lock joins

Additional recommendation: if you have a thread which twists on itself, don’t use it for this pattern. You can close simple rings using such thread by letting your shuttle to untwist, but it’s almost impossible to close LTRs (don’t ask me how I know this).

I’ve started this pattern design as a way to remember tatting of more complex elements after long break without any tatting. I found nothing tiny enough and complex enough, so decided to create pattern for myself and to share it with others. If you think it should be a paid pattern – you can always PayPal.me, I promise to use that amount for buying more yarn :)

Thanks for all test tatters – your comments helped me a lot. Current version of the pattern has much less details than initial two of them. I’ve had plenty of examples to understand how differently we tat and read diagrams, so I tried to give just the most important details. Rest of it is a matter of your technique, experience and imagination. You can ignore what is written about tatting some rings, use other techniques, and still end with same result.

Please, don’t ask me for any written instructions in style of “R: 3-8-6-3”. I’m bad at reading them (in fact, I try not to use such patterns if I can) so I’d be even worse at writing them.



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