Ariana doily pattern

Long time ago I’ve received some “strange” fabric as a gift. Not so strange as a fabric, but that was totally different from what I’m used to working on (usually it is 32 count evenweave). That was somewhere near 23 count and called “Hardanger embroidery fabric” by the seller.

For some time it was left in a drawer with other fabrics – I had no idea what to do with it. The count is huge, the amount of fabric not so big. Then one day the idea “it might be a perfect size to make a couple of placemats for myself” appeared.

I’ve counted amount of threads I could use for a single placemat, and started searching for a pattern. Nothing matched! Everything was either too big or too small. Well, I could use smaller patterns, but I did not want to waste the fabric. So I was disappointed and the fabric went back to drawer again.

After another “some time” I woke up with the idea “wait, I might design something myself to fit that exact size I have!”. That’s where it began: endless counting, drawing, leaving everything for months disappointed with the result, counting and drawing again.

Now finally I have my first Hardanger embroidery design which I like – the Ariana doily! The pattern is available on Etsy.

I have tried to destash a bit while making it so used what I had at home. This is made using common crochet cotton (I even don’t know manufacturer) and embroidery floss for weavings.

And I have enough fabric for another doily of same size – two placemats were planned. The second one will not be exactly the same – I liked the design process. So somewhat similar but different “sister” for Ariana is already in early stages of design process. I have already bought some thread – I’ll use something different to embroider it also.

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