Tatting dictionary: RU -> EN

Once again I had to help with translation of Russian tatting abbreviations. I feel I need to write this down so I could just share link to this page in future. By no way this will cover all cases, as designers write some things differently. Let me know if you feel I should add something more to this.

Russian (full term) Russian (abbreviation) English
кольцо к ring
дуга д chain
узел у knot (usually means double stitch if used in pattern)
двойная петля ДвП double stitch
бисер б seed beads
бусина Б any bead, usually larger than seed bead
пико п picot
узел “Джузеппина”, пико “Жозефины” Дж, Ж Josephine knot
длинное пико ДП long picot
короткое пико КП short picot
челнок ч shuttle
закрыть закр. close ring
перевернуть работу пр turn work (or rotate work)

Plain numbers usually mean number of double stitches (e.g.: “3п3” is equivalent to “3 ds, picot, 3ds” or “3-3”).


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